Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Say Hello to Mylo!

Its a good thing my birthday is in october.. cause this is making it on that list.. Mylo from sony to be released in september..looks alot like a sony PSP but without the games.. you could say its the grown up version one for us tech savvy young guys that dont really want games or want to actually "talk" mylo has it all I think..WiFi, email, web browsing, instant messaging, movies, music and if you must talk use the built in skype .. click here to see the video for a closer look
the mylo should be around the $350 + price range.. expect a full review when my demo piece arrives this week!!


Anonymous said...

ohh lord.....yeah well buddy until i see that better nto count on me to get it for your b-day lol...another gadget for you to chose over me...sigh...