Wednesday, August 23, 2006

what buttons? Next Gen cell phones will be touchless

I'ts almost hard to believe that at one point in my lifetime people were actually using these "bricks" to talk..on an analog network! I am so glad I was too young because otherwise I woulve had to carry one of those.. anyway the point of this post is not to mock those that went throught that phase (well it is in a way.. ) but to see where we technology is going...
Button-less phones are here now, just check out a pic of my moto e680 which has the number keypad as a touchscreen..

And now look at where we are going - onyx concept phone a next-generation mobile phone concept..."recognizes not only points and taps, but also shapes, complex gestures, and proximity to the user’s finger or cheek. This creates new possibilities such... closing tasks by swiping an “X” over them... answering a phone by holding it up to your cheek." Its a very cool time to be alive!