Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tmobile and their "5" Plan

you may have already caught the Alltel Commercial (another wireless company) that offers "My Circle" which allows you to choose any 10 US numbers on any network and youll get unlimitted calls to and from your "circle" numbers.. Unlimitted calling is nothing new..All wireless carriers have free In-network calling where you can call your friends without taking away your minutes as long as they are in the same network (cingular users calling other cingular users)..
Tmobile is now launching something similar called "5" Plan to keep up with Alltel after all they are Tmobile and we couldnt count on their reliable service to keep us happy cause it doesnt exist...even though its not "10" numbers I guess its a start for Tmobile which will allow you to have 5 contacts who you can talk to unlimitted. hopefully other carriers will catch on and pretty soon we'll be talking for free regardless on what network you are on.