Saturday, September 09, 2006

It keeps going and going and going.. cellular lines in the world

its not the energizer bunny... but the energizer wireless that keeps going and going up!
if you think you see too many people with cell phones in their hands yapping away and being anoying and loud.. you havent seen nothing yet...there are now 2.5 Billion Cellular lines in the world... according to estimates from wireless intelligence

"The cellular industry took 20 years to reach 1 billion connections, three years to reach 2 billion connections and is on target to reach its third billion in a period of just over two years,”

most of this growth is coming from emerging markets..china alone is expanding at more than 5 million new connections per month! Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria and Bangladesh are also on the list.. whats boosting these numbers??? .. well cell phones are more than "just cell phones" these days..they are multimedia devices (mp3, video, IM,etc) to some they are handheld mini computers so everyone from 14 year olds-grandparents now have one since it is relatively cheaper than it used to be... not only that but more and more people are opting to get rid of their home line and use their cell phone only.. and people that live in rural areas that have never had access to a wired line connection have been enjoying access to wireless...