Thursday, September 21, 2006

Promote your party via Text Messaging

Up until last summer when I was throwing parties @ Five where Ive been for the past 2+ years almost bi weekly...I was using various promotion methods, the email blasts, myspace blasts, forum invites, etc,etc but one that seemed to work quite well was text messaging promotions.. sending text messages to people's cell phones using SMS-plain text or MMS - which incorporated a picture, video, or sound..Other promoter friends started using this method as well but these days it seems like all promoters are txtpaming..I get party info from people I dont even know?
so for you promoters out there be careful and use your thinking cap before going and letting your other promoter friends use your contact list..your reputation is on the line.
SMS/MMS promotions works well to catch those "undecided" that got the email during the week but didtn rsvp, its now friday afternoon they are out at happy hour and they get your text "DJ tiesto @ club xyz...reply for guestlist" sounds like a good idea right? it worked for me
a few things to consider.. when doing text messaging promotions
  • make sure your cell phone allows you to send a mass moto e680 does but the tmob7100 didnt, sitting there sending texts to 1000 people can take a while if you cant do a mass text
  • When sending a mass text make sure your cell phone and/or service sends it out w\out showing everyone's number (kinda like the To: field on an email) I believe nextel doesnt work like this. My girlfriend has gotten text FWD where it shows everyone's number that this text was sent to.. on my cell I add everyone on the To: but everyone receives it as a text sent to them
  • plug the word VIP when asking for cell phone numbers, on the web form to sign up to get emails I have an optional field "Cell phone for last minute VIP events"
  • Be inovative, dont just sent a "Party @ club xyz come out!" include details like is it open bar? free entry before 12, reply for guestlist? I even included pictures of the dj if it was a big name, and or clip of sound or to love mms capabilities but remember not everyone has mms capable phones.


Heloky said...

Don't forget you can promote your party for free on

It’s a pretty cool website that allows you to post your party on a map, and it automatically alerts all of your facebook friends with the party's info-right on their wall.