Saturday, October 28, 2006

Access your computer from your Cell Phone - SoonR!

You are in a meeting and you forgot a word doc? what do you do shotgun?...whattt doo youuu do??? well if you read this and checked out SoonR you are ok..SoonR is a cool application that allows you to access your applications and files on your pc, Outlook mail & Calendar, and even Skype! what I like about it the most is that you dont need to download software onto your cellphone.. which means any (or most) cell phone should be able to use soonR.. you download the software on to your pc or mac and access it through your web browser on your cell phone. best of all its free.. they will also be offering a premium service which gives you offline access to your computer (this means that if your pc or mac is off you still have access to it) I installed it on my laptop, accessed it from my E61 and it worked great.. I even placed a skype call and even though it took a bit to connect and got an error connected..on the E61 you have to use the "Services" browser - not the Web one.. I also used Opera mini (free)to access it but the user interface was the best on Opera ($24 after trial)