Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mobile Talk is free - Skype for Mobiles

so you have or have heard about skype...and you have a cell phone with a data plan...why not use it to talk to those buddys of yours... theres a few of these beta apps out there some are skype certified and some arent.. but regardless I always like finding out about them because they are extremely cool, have good support, are free and help people embrace skype which is slow here in the US.. most of all it helps people embrace the idea that talk can be free.. here are the players- I havent personally tested this yet since there is only some cellphones supported.. but if you have a Nokia E series phone you can contact them to get a beta version like I did... the ohter one I liked was fring doesnt support the e61 neither but it supports skype and google talk so.... check them out