Monday, October 09, 2006

Instant Messaging on the E61

If you have an unbranded e61 instant messaging is not preinstalled but youll notice that there are a few options for instant messaging but in reality we are very limited to the options we have at least with options that work 100% to my satisfaction.. if you have the the e62 released by cingular you dont have this issue..anywho I reviewed the available options we have..
The options:
- EQO first I tried EQO Mobile , but the application was bugy, slow and it crashed a few is a comment trail on the issues the e61 encountered with EQO however they are working on it and hope that they will have this sorted out soon..since EQO is a cool little app
-Agile Messenger second I read about Agile messenger on e-series and gave it a try.. so far it works pretty well except for the loud alarm and the $30 price tag?! I have it for a 7 day trial but not looking fwd to paying $30 for an instant messenger application
-Mabber third I tried Mabber which integrates all the messengers I use but the layout and application itself is not user friendly and it takes too many steps to get to things.. so its being unistalled
-Noot Mobile fourth I tried Noot Mobile but I did not like its web base interface and it was odd not to be able to use the keys to do simple things like Send...rather I had to use the pointer and kept refreshing.. there was no alerts that alerted me of new messages and it seem to drain the battery a bit quicker..Ed of E-series found it odd as well
-Nimbuzz lastly I tried Nimbuzz- which only offers msn and google..but I couldnt figure out the gtalk part? I only got msn to work.. so I uninstalled this one as well...

the veridict:
you know the saying "you get what you pay for?" I guess that is the case here for now...
Even though Agile charges $30 for their messenger is the only one out there I would consider if you want easy reliable Instant messaging.. however if EQO comes in second and if it fixes those e61 bugs I would say they would be my #1 choice.. but for now I have the 7 day trial on Agile..

update 11/8:
after agile trial was over it was uninstalled, I was patiently waiting for news from EQO on the fixes for the e61.. well its here -the nokia e61 issues fixed - as i mentioned on my previous post are far so good its working great.. enjoy


Anonymous said...

check out, its very nice and is similiar to what mabber does.

Anonymous said...

also great blog!

Sam Gonzales said... seems ok much like however on my pc it didnt load up all my AIM buddies..
on the E61 it wouldnt work because javascript is not supported on the browser..thanks though

Anonymous said...

Nimbuzz supports googletalk too!