Thursday, October 05, 2006

4GB miniSD on the Nokia E61?

One of the first things I did on the e61 was fill up my 64mb mini sd included with the phone.. and it was quite easy with podcasts and other downloads.. so I went shopping trying to find some memory.. up until now I've had 1GB on the e680i which was ok but since I plan on keeping this nokia for a while I looked for the most memory available.. 4GB miniSD!
SanDisk announced it in september but its not available quite yet..and even if it was it will NOT work on most devices that take miniSD including the Nokia E61 unfortunately... because SDHC works differently than your regular SD cards..4GB SDHC cards will only work with SDHC compatible devices .. so unless Nokia comes out with a firmware update that will make SDHC work on the phone we are maxed out at 2GB....for more info on SDHC


Anonymous said...

Weird, see
this guys reckons he's had the E61 running with their 4 gig cards. Any idea what's going on?