Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More Radio Stations for Nokia E61

I have the internet radio client which can be downloaded here and it comes loaded with a sample playlist with a few stations..however I wanted here is what I did
the page mentions you can add your own..up until now I had browsed to or and clicked on the channel on the phone's browser and it would download the entire playlist for that channel however it would save the same channel a number of times.. to fix this here is what I did..

I went to (you can also do this with or

-Right clicked on the music channel's shoutcast icon and click on save target as -
it save the file as a .pls file on my desktop
-Open the .pls file with notepad and there will be a number of entries - all are for the same stream I deleted all except for the first one and now this became my master file where I was going to copy and paste the rest of the channels looked like this

Title1=SomaFM Space Station Soma

-Here you can edit the "title1" so that it fits on the screen, and the order you want the radio stations listed by placing them in order and chaging the "file #" accordingly
add other channels by copying and pasting them at the end I counted how many channels I had and edited the "numberofentries" to reflect that
Ive compiled all the channels on and most of the ones on and they can be found and downloaded here (make sure to rename the .txt files to .pls)
all you have to do is open Nokia PCsuite and drag these into your shoutcast folder in the memory card and voila youll see them listed under stations now..enjoy


Jake said...

very nice, thanks for the playlists Sam..and very nice blog!

Rusty Hodge said...

That's great! Thanks so much for doing that. Do you know if the e61 supports our aacPlus feeds? They'll sound really good at much slower bit rates. An example URL is rtsp:// - I'd love to create a file that has links to all of these aacPlus "3G" formats for the E61, but I haven't had a chance to play with one yet. Feel free to contact me (my firstname at somafm) and I'll help you test.

ryan said...

thanks for the info! any idea why these streams give me server errors on the E61 (but not in iTunes)?

Title1=WWOZ New Orleans

Title2=WNYC New York

Raj said...

I had a problem with the net radio playlist for my nokia E61.just rectified it with your help.

John said...

Great blog, Sam.

And thanks for the tip on cleaning the shoutcast playlists. It's completely changed the way I listen to the radio on my e-61.

Cheers, mate!