Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sony Mylo Review

I talked about the mylo back in August and finally got one in my hands...Ive had a mylo for about a week and have been overall happy with could say the Mylo, "MY Life Online" is Sony's version of the cingular OGO (discontinued) and tmobile sidekick (which recenlty released v3) however is nothing like neither one... to make it easy I'll break it into what I liked vs what I didnt you go...

What I like (the pros)
The mylo is actually small and light even though the pics online make it look almost as big as the sony PSP but its nowhere close to that size or weight..
Connection.. the way to "connect" is through Wi-Fi, and then you can chat with friends through instant messenger, browse websites and even make VoIP calls..
an IP phone.....the mylo has a skype client built in along with voiceless messengers yahoo and google..Skype was one of the first things I tested out.. I called my girlfriend's cell phone from a public wireless network and quality was actually really can use the included headset or use it as a phone (by using the speaker and microphone on the unit) quality on this was super
The Voiceless messengers - google and yahoo worked well..I liked the fact that you could remain connected to all 3 messengers at once (unlike devices like the blackberry 7100)..
the user interface is easy to navigate and the screen is of an OK size...
the unit itself has soft round edges which makes it easy to hold to type however its impossible to do it with one hand only, so forget about typing with only your left hand since the center 4way button is on the right side..
The video and mp3 quality are ok too but using the headphone beats listening through the built in speaker
The QWERTY keyboard hides underneath the screen part which slides out with ease..the keyboard itself does a decent job even though the keys are smaller than usual but have enough space in between which helps to not hit the wrong one..but it does take some time getting used to

What I didnt like (the Cons)
even though the unit performs very well there are a few things I was not happy with...
for starters the home menu is not on a loop (it doesnt come back to the top- so once I get to the last option "tools" I have to scroll back up rather than being able to just get to the first option by scrolling down) The included headphone jack uses a sony's propieatory adapter, so I can use any headphones but through the adapter, which is almost a definately because the speaker is not loud and clear enough to be used.. speaking of proprietary, you have to use sony's Memory Sticks which max at 4GB...
even though the screen is bright and easy to see from different angles it could've been a bit bigger but much like the keypad which is a bit odd you can get used to it
the device lacks bluetooth and a camera which is disappointing since the device has a photo section.. it also doesnt have any games so unless a firmware hack surfaces to be able to play some youll be limited to its default capabilites...other little things like not using the mini usb as its only charger port doesnt make sense to just means having to carry one more charger around.. one main thing I feel coulve made this a better device was an email client which the mylo lacks

In conclusion I think the mylo is a cool little gadget and has some cool features like Skype and built in Wi-Fi...
I cant see everyone using since it cant replace an Ipod for music/video but it comes in handy when you have WiFi Access (at the office, home,or through tmobile) for internet browsing, IM with friends and even talk on skype..especially when traveling the unit retails for $350 and if you are thinking about getting it or getting been thinking about getting Tmobile HotSpot check out my post on the sony/tmobile agreement which will give you complimentary WiFi when you buy a mylo..if you do the math one year of hotspot service ~ $370 sooo get a mylo since you can never have too many cool little gadgets like this one..
check out a short video I did on the mylo here...