Thursday, October 05, 2006

Video Streaming on the E61

One of the cool features about the E61 is video streaming..I got Cingular Video to work on it.. (You have to access it through the Web browser - Not the wap browser for it to work) the quality of the stream through EDGE is dont believe what Cingular says that you need a 3G phone..(this is so that you buy one of their lame 3G handsets. I have an unlimitted data plan so CV was part of that) in addition to CV I also have FreeBe TV which like the name says it is free tv.. the quality of the streams is not as good as cingular but hey its I cant complain.


Anonymous said...

So whats the web adress I have to go to to use cingulat video? I havent figured out how to use it yet on my e61.

Sam Gonzales said...

Go to & bookmark on your WEB browser (not your Service browser)and use the Cingular Express Access point - it will not work via WiFi