Monday, November 13, 2006

match-myspace for cell phones?

Nokia's tag line -"connecting people" takes a new meaning with applications like Nokia Sensor
this free "see and be seen" application from nokia uses existing bluetooth technology to see and connect with other Sensor cell phones within 10 meters, your phone can 'sense' them and you can see their profiles and send them about mobile are at a bar and your phone spots another "sensor" user - you check out her pic and profile -and message away .. you could say this is the mobile version of as well since you can customize your profile (upload your own picture, enter details about you, customized the look of it and it even lets you do file sharing) your cell phone number is never revealed- because you are using a screen name like application - this app has been around for a bit already but I recently heard about it when doing some research - I had a similar idea for an application like this that would use bluetooth or GSM triangulation for a presence app more widely available for cell phones that run java though...unfortunately I couldnt test this application myself since it runs on S60 2nd edition phones if you are one of those check it out and let me know how it works