Monday, November 13, 2006

"Your Mobile Phone should be Free" - Google

as most of my readers know, Im a big pusher-believer that "talking" on a phone/cell phone is soon to be (if not already) completly free - such an simple application should be..if anything it will become an add on to something else such as data...and when I mean"talking" for free I mean free- on a regular phone, or cell phone - not attached to a pc in your office or home...we are already doing this with applications that use skype or others to make free calls... one example of free cell phone service is Blyk , a FREE UK mobile operator for young people that is funded by advertisment... but here in the states - the player that i think could get-will get into this space easily is no other thang Google.. they've been making a name for themselves and getting into a lot of peoples cell phones by offering things like google map, gmail, sms. they recently introduced AdWords for mobile search service.. and then you got googles CEO, Eric Schmidt saying things like "your mobile phone should be free" my prediction?
google's free wi-fi goes nationwide - free access everywhere - and introduces the GPhone-or reintroduces Gtalk as a device loaded with the app.. the device would be a dual handset that will handle voip over wifi and gsm as if you choose to use a cell phone connection instead..both would be funded by advertisments....sounds like crazy talk right? only time will tell...who knows soon enough you may be hearing this when you make that call "This call has been brought to you by Jiffy Lube"