Tuesday, November 21, 2006

record an album & music video on your cell phone..

the days of having to pay top $$ for time at a studio were over when MAC's became recording studios.. but now you can even do it on your cellphone!! Omri Levy's EP "about blank" is the first album recorded on a cell phone.. it was recorded on a nokia n80 using Alon MP3 dictaphone which can also be used to record record lectures, conversations, interviews and phone calls in hiqh quality audio format..
once you are done with the album then move right ahead to making that MTV hit music video - like rob dickinson who filmed his on a nokia n93
ever since becoming a nokia enthusiast - from the motorola side ..I have been nothing but impressed with them and not just their phones (multimedia computers) but the applications for them.. they are really pushing the envelope..with applications like the nokia podcasting, and built in SIP client