Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Talkplus 2.0 ?? more like talkLess 1.0

I had read about talkplus on a few blogs and all the hype of it being a "voice 2.0" application..
so i decided to check it out and test the beta out.. so what exactly is "2.0" about it???
I signed up and downloaded the java application on the e61.. while the application is stable and looks good.. I was not impressed with the fact that it does not work with your existing address book- therefore I would have to enter all my contacts into this application again!
a similar application that Ive tested before was minowireless- for cheap intl calls, which works very much like talkplus...I think I wouldve been more impressed a few months ago.. but now with truphone on the e61 as my mobile voip client- I could not go back to using applications such as these..