Sunday, December 03, 2006

itunes for your cell phone? - alltunes

I ran into this beta service called alltunes (Im surprised that apple hasnt sued them yet? they offer a very close to itunes software - replace the "all" with "I" and you got an itunes logo) well either way I hope they dont.. since they offer a mobile client for your cell phone! (yes Im aware of the Rokr..but lets not talk about that disaster) I didnt download the application cause it would an app on my pc as well- so I downloaded the java version on my cell phone..just point your cell phone browser to it works with any cell phone with Java MIDP v2.0 and Java MP3 player... the application is pretty cool- you can look through their catalog or search for a song or album- and actually listen to a preview of the song (if your phone is mp3 capable) which is an awesome feature..I have never bought any songs from itunes or anywhere but I will probably use this app to keep up with whats new..