Monday, December 04, 2006

Fergie rocking Next generation cell on music video? - no just an mp3 player

Ive been hearing Fegie's cd non stop thanks to my girlfriend who keeps it on repeat in the car (its actually not bad for being mainstream) and this past weekend I caught the video for the fergielicious song..and yes she looks super hot in it..but there was something else that caught my attention too..her rocking what looks like the onyx next generation concept cell phone that I wrote about before here .. you can check out the video here and see that its shown a few times during the song..... nevermind, just found out that its not a cell phone but a pretty cool looking mp3 player(k5) from samsung ..damm it here I was getting my hopes up that it was product placement for the cell phone... ohh well that will be my excuse for watching that video 20x in a row trying to figure it out - anyway thats a dope looking mp3 player though and if it came with
more than 4Gigs it would make my xmas wish list..anyway pics below

The samsung mp3 player and the onyx concept phone..see the resemblence?