Friday, January 26, 2007

buy the iphone get free service!

thats the rumor Ive heard and read.. sounds like at&t (formerly cingular) will be giving 1.5 years of free service if you pay up the $500-600 for the iphone come june... so is this another iphone rumor? we'll see.. if true does it make sense? lets see the iphone got awesome publicity and hype for being probably the greatest rumored phone to come true.. I even wanted one.. but after my excitement settled down and I took a closer look at it... much like thousands of others who say the iphone is just not that great.. but hey if you must have it because you have to be the cool kid at starbucks with it go ahead.. youll look like fool using a razor in a few months and most likely i will make fun of you.
so free service? this could be at&t's plan to gain that market share even of those people like me that dont think the phone is that great..its "free" service after all... since they wont need much for the thousands that have decided to pay up and switch carriers to at&t which will make it a the wireless fight with sprint, verizon, tmobile.. Jim Cramer seems to think so
a few things to keep in mind..if this is even remotely true... most likely this free service only means voice..not data.. so be ready to still pay the $20-$30 a month for unlimitted EDGE data (remember the iphone does not have 3G) thats still $360-540 for the 1.5 year of data ...if you dont have cingular you'll to break out of your plan ..the penalty is about $200.. then you have to fork over $500-$600 for the phone.. so far this iphone with this "free service" will cost you around $ 1200+ with most likely a very basic free voice plan of 450 mins which goes for $40 (cause I cant believe they would give away more than that) so basically you are paying about $70 for a $40 plan (I divided the amount it would cost me for this "free"service phone into 18 months) then youll probably be tied in to a 4-5 year contract (if cingular is smart they will say the first 1.5 year didnt count since it was free.. after those 1.5 years you are tied to 2 more) so $1200 and 4 years later you will be using the most overpriced phone ever invented that doesnt even handle 3G and only has 8Gigs of space..and have overpaid for a voice plan that would regularly cost you half... congratulations you are probably the most stupid person on earth..but dont worry there are a few million of you..


Anonymous said...

That was an interesting rant.

I for one, am getting an iPhone, whether they give me 18 months of free service or not.