Tuesday, January 30, 2007

its Fringing Time!

Fring (the mobile voip application for cellphones) just released their symbian 9 client! I talked about them before but at the time they did not support my phone at the time.. well I waited patiently and it seems to do the job.. its too early to tell..there seems to be a few bugs.. (when I try calling my google talk contacts the call gets disconnected) if you have a symbian 9 phone head over here and try it out and provide some feedback. What’s in this version (2.71)?
  • Voice calls and chat over 3G and Wi-Fi
  • Skype and Google Talk integration (Voice and Chat)

  • History (Missed calls, Incoming/Outgoing calls)
  • Improved voice quality compared with previous versions

1/31 UPDATE: Fring is working great.. buddies prescence refresh seems to be pretty on point..(no need to manually refresh) and today I successfully received a Google Talk call from a friend while connnected on EDGE (2.5G) the call quality was really good for not being 3G and best of all it was free!