Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More Peer to Peer for mobiles

I wrote about symtorrent a cool P2P-torrent application for symbian phones before.. and used it a few times and it works well... I came across another one recently that works with more phones.. peerboxmobile
" is a peer-to-peer file sharing service for the mobile devices. PeerBox™ allows searching for music, video and pictures in open P2P networks, downloading the files onto the phone and sharing the files with other users. PeerBox™ also allows downloading premium content from Nareos servers. PeerBox™ is integrated with 3rd party Robust Audio Hashing (fingerprinting) technology to recognize copyrighted content and collect payments for it."
the application works well..and its free and most of the content is too.. so far Ive only downloaded a few video clips for got to look for the free stuff.. ive done a few music searches and some/most are "premium content" from them which you have to pay.. give it a try though