Thursday, January 04, 2007

myspace for mobiles!

the social phenomenom has been more popular than ipods or redbull.. its the see and be seen place of the online world.. they had a nice agreeement with helio when it first launched -helio's cell phones would have a preloaded myspace application for easy access to those very important messages and friend requests.. Cingular wanted a slice of this so they recently lauched a service that for $2.99 a month you can download a myspace application to your cell phone... anywho.. myspace at 2.99 is ridiculous!.. let me introduce you to a very cool social networking application for the mobile world which is free of charge - I came across bluepulse through mark'sblog .. The application is very nice and easy to use- its very much like but on your cell phone and its easy becacuse you are not using your phone's browser which sometimes doesnt display myspace that well (the app lets you set up your "myplace" profile, visit chat rooms, find friends, and the widgets section is the coolest it inculdes your basics rss reader, email, and also a webcam feature of different cities!) anywho check it out and dont even think about paying cingular or myspace more $ than they already make!