Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Truphone and Gtalk are now Talking

Truphone is one of my very favorite software on my Nokia E61..even though I dont use it as much its an awesome easy add on to the SIP client .. if you have a compatible phone (Nokia’s E60, E61, E70 and N80 now but Windows mobile client is coming) you should get it and use it.. and they just made themselves alot more appealing with today's news.. you can now talk to google talk buddies for free (they can call you and you can call them) this is another truly revolutionary move in the mobile VoIP space .. we want multi IM /VoIP mobile recent entries about Fring and iSkoot also prove this... I dont want to just chat but I want to have the option of calling my buddies and not get killed with long distance charges... these applications are bridging mobile VoIP and Web VoIP applications that are in a way antisocial-social networking apps..(the whole point of IM and VoIP is to talk to friends, and/or meet new ones from accros the world, email, see pictures..but how can I if my friend uses skype and I use googletalk?) the more they each integrate each other with other applications/clients the more they are to make an impact with people because at the end of the day I dont want to have 3 different IM or VoIP applications running.. yes I know I make it sound easy but its not, I understand there are different protocols that each of these applications run on which sometimes arent too friendly of each other..(gtalk uses XMPP protocol and truphone uses SIP protocol) but its moves like these that need to happen more often...
anywho back to truphone:here is a video from truphone blog on how to do this..