Monday, February 12, 2007

Smart2Go - map application for your cell

its really hard these days to use that excuse on how you got lost....I would probably laugh at you if you told me you couldnt find my house.. with applications like google map on your cellphone you can actually see my house with their satellite view..anyway here is another player in that mobile map/directions game.. smart2Go and I like it..I've written about other googlemap like applications for cell phones like map24, mGmaps , amAze

theres a few reasons I like smart2Go ..
- MapLoader: if you dont have an unlimitted data plan and get charged per MB they help you download the maps you need to your PC and then install them onto your phone- this way you dont incur any data costs from your cell phone provider..pretty cool!
-smart2Go 2.0 upgrade options you have w\ smart2Go.. first the navigation upgrade so that you get voiced turn by turn directions in 2-3D all you would need is a GPS receiver
the 2nd upgrade option which I loved is the City Guides upgrades..because when traveling who wants to look like a dumb tourist with a guide book and map.. the smart2Go guides can be purchased rigth from the cell phone itself!


Stephen said...

I've got an 8525 from cingular- smart2go loads asks "internet yes or no" then appears to hang regardless of the answer...any help?

Sam Gonzales said...

first think I would do is delete it and re download it..sounds like you got a bad copy of the software