Thursday, March 22, 2007

Free SMS worldwide

Ive said it before and after spending this week at Spring VON I'll say it again - Voice is boring! - who needs to talk when you can communicate and via SMS and MMS .. gizmo project recently lauched gizmosms - which lets you send free text messages to any mobile phone worldwide..
and even if you feel like you want to talk to this person after you send that text message you are given the option.. I know what you are thinking.. this is freaking awesome.. and it is but the two drawbacks are replies from the people you sent the text message to is not possible so this is only one way.. second voice calls are not unlimmited, as stated on their website = "Call length limited to up to 3 min/call, 10 min/day to most landlines & select mobile phonesaround the world. Additional restrictions apply."


Mono said...

I am glad to know that it's unlimited free, but it's not really free over the world,just 65 countries. Unluckily, I can't use it, for my designated country is not included there.

Anonymous said...

I know i sound like a spammer or something but ive been using peekamo for a while and its free worldwide. just thought you'd know. if u dont believe me then check this article i found.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, I talked to gizmo admin a month ago and also visited their forum... actualy the gizmo project is based on free mail2sms servers and very offen the sms sent are not delivered :(

I am using this site for sending free international sms: Send SMS Now and I am quite happy with it.