Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring VON follow up

Even though Spring VON 07 was last month...and I've been busier than ever I still wanted to write something about what I saw this time around in San Jose.. so it was all about "voice, video and vision".. you can scratch off voice - VoIP alone has become a boring is just voice after all..the end consumer doesnt really care what it is, so its only the geeks that are still hung up on VoIP and all the "cool things" you can do with it like get your voicemail in your email
--woppedoo-- yeah its cool but how hard is it for me to call and check in my voicemails rather than get spammed with mp3 attachements in my inbox...I'll stop now rather than continue on VoIP features that are overdue in this "voice 2.0" world..
Video is a different story and I see this as the vision part of the show and the future of IP communications- the video pavillion was packed pretty much at all times. I got a chance to walk through the packed kiosks on the last day to see what all the fuzz was about and even though I didnt get a chance to talk to everyone I got to see some very cool things.. I rated them using my thumbs up award -
Qoof- informercials meets youtube - a preety cool idea if you are enrolled in affiliate programs and make some dough this way. You create your own video about a product/service and then link it to the product being promoted and voila $ in your wallet from every sale generated..its a free service too.. Qoof gets my one and half thumbs up
Fireant- internet tv on demand thanks to RSS feeds.. how did we survive before rss?
its a preety sweet desktop player you download, you subscribe to the rss feeds, and watch internet tv-it plays multiple formats ( Quicktime, Windows Media, Flash, Real, MPEG, MP4, AVI, DivX, MP3, etc) and you can take it to go too on your ipod, psp, zune, cell phone, on the demand and on the go doesnt get much better than this.. Fireant gets two thumbs up
Clesh & FORscene web based video editing and publishing at its best.. if you are a pro youll need FORscene and youll be able to collaborate with your buddy accross the world through a browser.. for consumers clesh is the easy way to go, upload, edit, and publish to cell phones, websites, podcasts all within the webbased toolkit. Clesh & FORscene get the "I wish I had more than two thumbs award"


Anonymous said...

FORscene is AWESOME!! We used this in one of our docs as a trial. From 3 parts of the world we were able to collaborate, comment on on line, live and was able to finish our shoots in less than half the budgeted time, This system was used for our daily rushes not having to send tapes and wait. AVID BEWARe