Thursday, April 12, 2007

cingular, qwest and sprint are naughty...

I got a conference call scheduled for next week and it was interesting to see the additional call in number for sprint, qwest and cingular customers only..
Wednesday April 18th 11am
Conference Call-in: 1-641-297-5600 Access#: xxxx
1-641-297-5610 (Sprint, Qwest and Cingular Customers)

in case you have not heard these 3 stooges decided to block certain call in numbers from service..why would they do that to their paying customers? apparently they are loosing millions of dollars?..(all Im going to say to at&t is that if you got roughly 52 million customers that they claim, paying roughly $$$ a month and you got enough dough to do a name -brand change from arent hurting for money so dont cry me a river) we pay too much for voice as it is and totally get raped for data and text messaging bundle plans..
this is just like the whole net neutrality issue.. where service providers feel they can charge more or block certain content providers.. last time I checked I pay a fixed fee for anytime minutes and "unlimitted nights and weekends" to be able to call any US number (intl numbers too at a higher rate) does this mean they can now pick certain numbers and block them?
for further reading check this good article that explains it in good detail