Friday, April 27, 2007

I sold out..but not for long - Blackjack vs nokia E61

Yes I sold out and got a Samsung Blackjack- I kinda felt in love with it after getting a closer look..but it must've been the excitement of testing a new toy-I bought it last thursday and sold it yesterday so in less then a week I decided to get rid of it. Here is my review of the phone and the reasons why its no longer with me.
-the blackjack is small but well put together and its also very light in weight
-it has 3G which is one of the main reasons why I got it
-AIM, Yahoo, MSN clients that can be logged on all at the same time
-email, calendar, contacts synced fine with my outlook
-slingplayer mobile client available for windows mobile(this was the main reason I wanted this phone to be able to watch my tv from the go)
-1.3 megapixel camera

-the screen is small, too small to watch videos, even when on full screen
-No 3G coverage in Gaithersburg MD, where I live and work and spend most of my time
-the QWERTY keyboard lay out is weird, the number buttons (in gray) are separated by a columm rather than having them all in one area together like the e61
-the keys were also hard to type in, it felt like you had to put some force into it
-Battery drains quick, faster if you are on 3G but cingular provides you with 3 batteries! but who wants to carry that around
-the plastic housing and screen are easily sratched even when in your pockets and lint and dust is easy to get under the screen, within a week the phone had numerous hairlike scratches
-screen is not sun friendly, it was almost impossible to see the screen when outside
-signal reception seemed weak, even though its quadband my e61 seemed to get alot better reception
-Phone's processor seemed slow, I timed getting online to my google landing page on both phones and the E61 won by more than a few seconds even though its on EDGE

overall I think its a good phone, light and small and semi easy to use if used to Windows OS..
the keyboard and screen were the main parts I could not deal with, that if I had 3G coverage where I am I probably wouldve kept it. For now I've gone back to my E61..I thought about getting the E61i because of the camera but have decided that I wont until 3G coverage is expanded in my area.