Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Applications for the Nokia E61

I have not blogged much about any of the latest symbian 3rd edition applications for my nokia e61 and others for a few reasons..they usually get good coverage already and I havent had time..but I think these are worth it...and like my friends that own these devices would say..why didnt you tell here are some of the new apps or upgrades that are worth a read..

SMS killer: the SMS client in the E and N series is not the greatest..we all miss the palm style threaded sms where all your conversations are under one are two applications
I first tried threadsms a few weeks ago and once the trial expired it didnt blow me away so I unistalled it but it may do the trick for you.then i saw SMSchat on my HF feed, and Im liking it alot more, its got an iphone feel to it, however one setback I encounter was that when it loads your contacts it sorts them by last name, I have my address book in first.last order, I have not seen a place to change that, also the fact that it doesnt replace the built in sms app is abit annoying..I got to press exit, press and hold the application key to get into the application and then to inbox..seems like a lot of steps rather than just pressing "show"when I receive something. I think these are great but replacing the built in app is a must otherwise it might be too many steps to get to your text's

Internet Radio: I already use the nokia internet radio app but this application looks alot nicer and very XM radio came through from virgin but branded spodtronic..I cant remember from what rss feed I saw it originally but Ed does a nice write up here, I tried it myself a few times but Im running the old firmware so you have to be running the latest firmware for it to work otherwise it will just hang..

VoIP: more MoIP apps! I recently got an email from gizmo which I no longer use about some cool offer so I went to their site to see what theyve been up to and saw the gizmo client for not just the n80i which I knew existed but also for the E series and then this week I saw a few postings about it so Im assuming its relatitvely here for E-series and here for the other nokia devices I already use truphone for my MoIP needs but this is a nice application..

so I think those were it as far as new apps Ive seen around lately.. as always this phone's apps keep getting better and better...this week @ GTM Ive seen quite a bit of E61's around actually.. the conference is highly attended by europeans who were the ones I saw the most walking around with their shiny E61's..