Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Evite Sucks - Episode 2

earlier I wrote about my evite issue.. well here I am again. we are planning a camping trip and my girlfriend started drafting something on evite..the thing went wack again.. erasing or entering wrong data in the wrong places..she fixed it and would go back to do it again.. tonite I decided to have a closer look at socializr and Im liking what I see..
even though it doesnt have as many designs loaded Im sure there will be more later( i couldnt find one for camping) but thats ok..on to the things I liked..
- I can add music to the invite or add my own mp3
-I can add video from youtube
-I can add flash widgets like rockyou voicemail, or meebome IM...
as if that wasn't enough.. I can IM the invite to (aim, yahoo, msn), share it on facebook, add it to my outlook calendar, send it to my cell phone and even update my twitter!!
that did it for me.. theres some features i would love to see in something like this but cant talk about it unless socializr contacts me and offer me a nice offer ...anyway Im saying bye bye evite!