Monday, June 11, 2007

IPOD - Multi Room speaker system

streaming music from my itunes library wirelessly to speakers around my house has been on my wish list for a while.. at first the plan was to buy a few airport express for each space I wanted to stream to..actually that really seemed like the only option..and not a cheap one each airport express runs $99.. in addition I would have to buy a powered speaker which are not cheap..
I also wanted to use my Nokia E61 as the itunes wireless remote control using sailing clicker via bluetooth or WiFi so that I could control the songs playing from my couch, patio,bed, etc..

I came across an easier and maybe less expensive alaternative..EOS wireless sells a home wireless speaker system for your ipod and other audio sources..the site states that is broadcasts cd quality audio up to 150 feet and can be expanded up to 4 wireless speakers.. the Core system retails for $300 which includes the base station and one wireless speaker each additional wiereless speaker retails for $150 so for about $750 you could have a multi room speaker system for 4 spaces which isnt bad if you consider a few things..

-If you move to another home you take this multi speaker system with you
-You can stream not just from your ipod, you can plug in your XM radio, mp3 player, or computer

Even though I would spending about the same if I deployed my inital "system" to match EOS (4 airport exprees @ $99 each=$400 and lets say that a decent powered speaker is about $99 each that would add up to $800) but a few setbacks is that I would only be able to stream from my itunes on my Mac so I could not play songs from friend's libraries if they brought their IPODs over.. and the EOS system is also more portable in my mind..with my "system" I would have to plug the airport express but also the powered speaker into an outlet..where I wpuld only plug the EOS speaker wherever I want it..less cables, less mess, less bulk.. seems like sharper image stocks this so check it out.. it gets my vote..


Avec said...

Streaming music from my iTunes library throughout my house. Oh yes, how sweet the sound. How sweet the sound indeed. I started out with the base system and one additional speaker. I wanted to be sure the sound was good before I completely committed. The sound is amazing. Next month I'm buying two more speakers.

Sam Gonzales said...

nice.. Ive actually gone with an airtune express which streams my mp3s to my receiver in my addition i now added PODz from Brookstone in my upper level..working well!