Monday, June 11, 2007

More iPhone cons

the iphone sales training book leaked and there are a few more reasons now why I would NOT get it in addition to my inital thoughts describes features but also ways to overcome objections..which I would definately have if I found out this at the store..

-No one-touch dialing - two touches are required
-IM clients not supported
-No GPS capabilities-I already knew this but not even bluetooth GPS enabled?
-MMS is not supported - it does not support MMS for photos and videos??

just how revolutionary is this phone again? the fact that it doesnt support multimedia messaging amazes me..especially in the heavy text messaging world we are living in these days


Anonymous said...

I am not getting one until they come out iphone2

paracha3 said...

i am not getting one ever. I love my Nokia N95 and will go for Nokia again. I have a long list of what iPhone can't do while my N95 can.

Its just the Apple marketing that did such a good job at creating a hype and you see people spending $600 for a phone that can not do the basics e.g MMS.

Anonymous said...

the iphone is the coolest phone on the market. I may just be saying this because i am a mac user, but it rocks. The 2 things that bug me are that the one with a good amount of storage is $600!!! the other con is that i heard if you drop it, i like breaks!?!? Then again, this may just be bad news because on first day that i got my phone, it dropped 4 times oops