Friday, July 20, 2007

Flying Virgin..

I typicall keep these type of posts on my other nongeek blog but it deserves it..brand expansion of Virgin - Virgin America is looking really dammmm good to me.. I travel alot for pleasure and work so I have been on pretty much all airlines.. but when I read some of the awesome things VA has.. I was sold.. how does a standard 110v power outlet sound? ethernet for broadband? and usb outlets at every seat? maybe not that great for you non-geeks out there.. cause I would have everything plugged in like always.. while my girlfriend just sits back and chills.. anywho for those kind of flights I would feel like having a martini cause the mood lighting that changes throught the flight makes it look like a lounge out of NY.. even if you didnt bring entertainment with you there is plenty to do on the flight.. Satellite TV, Payperview, 3000 mp3s to listen to..but the coolest feature has to be the "seat to seat" chat client-An airborne social network!! so far they are only flying out of a few airports..SF, NY, LA ..DC was listed but I could not get a fly to Vegas yet (which Im going on Aug 9th and this woulve been booked here) but flights from LAX to JFK came to $ 280 which is not bad at all.. Service out of DC to SF or LA starts in sept 26th and oct 24th of this year! birthday Trip!