Wednesday, July 18, 2007

RIP: IM and email

I was thinking about downloading AIM.. but did I really miss it? I had been using trillian for a while but features wise there is nothing like the real application for yahoo, msn, gtalk, aim.. but I would be going back on what I have been saying for a while.."the days of IM and email are long gone " (at least for outside professional life) Instant messaging has been replaced by Text messaging (SMS and MMS) and email has been replaced by social networks (myspace / facebook) message and why did this happen?
-cell phone sales over the last 5 years has been huge.. (to exceed one billion in 2009) Im pretty sure almost everyone and their mother has a cell phone now. IM is restricted to a computer unless you have IM capabilities on your cell phone but even then you are limitted to the IM applicatiosn built in that phone and using the data to stay connected not only drains your battery faster but also increases your monthly bill since you need a data plan.. text messaging is on all the time- the only way to not receive a text message is to turn your mobile off (the capability to block and not receive text messages is not avail by any carrier) one thing that text messaging doesnt replicate is presence, unless you and all your friends have a fancy phone and use apps like Jaiku.. so just because you send someone a text message it doesnt mean they will get it right away (they could be out of service, or have their phone off)
-email is so 1990.. outside of having to use it professionaly.. people of all ages are looking at social networking sites (myspace, facebook, linkedin) to message friends/contacts. To me the hardest part is keeping up with people's contact info.. which I dont have to worry about when using a social site... 2nd I can see when they have read it, have logged in, etc.. so again its about presence. Thats my morning rant about the extinction of IM and email - Your thoughts?
do you see yourself answering to the same if not more text messages and myspace messages than IM's and email?