Monday, July 02, 2007

got your iphone? now just need the apps

if the hype over the last few months and this past weekend was not enough.. Im seeing some other "iphone" related news.. not about the idiots sleeping outside the store, but about applications being released of the iphone
-Visto jumps to the rescue and will support corporate email such as MS exchange..which lacked on the iphone
-iZoho gives Zoho (the online office suite) users word, excel, powerpoint support
-iphone chat..IM anyone?.. this was a feature the iphone lacked but this webbased app solves that issue for now.
-iphone accessories: as if paying steve $600 isnt you have a chance to drop more dough on things like the iphone bluetooth headset, docks, chargers, cases, etc etc ..

I expect to see more iphone apps and even though most might be web-based only is ok for now.. since a few days ago you did not expect to do half of this.. native apps wont come around as soon so for now these will do