Friday, June 29, 2007

my iphone experience

Today was the day many had been waiting for..the day to drop $600 for an iphone..although I fell in love with it when the phone was first released but then after some facts I ended up not favoring the phone for more than a few reasons. I still drove by an At&t store this afternoon while my girlfriend shopped just to see the action.. it seemed empty so I stopped in and got to test one out in person.. WOW!
no matter all its setbacks and faults(no 3G, no mms support, 8Gigs, no flash, etc etc) the iphone is still one sexy converged device.. there is no doubt about it... I almost bought it!..left the store soon because my girlfriend was done shopping.. but I dragged her and her friend back to the store..I had to show them this.. while they were not as excited and wowed as I was they did seem to like it..they left again and went to another store..I kept playing with it for another 30 mins..The user interface could not be any more beautiful and easy to use.. while the virtual keyboard gave me some challenge it still did its job (definately easier than typing on a Pearl)
while I was tempted to get that point $500 didnt seem like such a bad deal.. I did not..
like I said before I will wait for the 2nd or 3rd generation.. and while the phone isnt perfect it has still set a new bar for mobile manufacturers worldwide..companies like motorola, nokia, LG will have to start focusing more on the user interface and user experience.. Apple deserves lots of props here.. the phone is just fun to have.... sure my e61 is awesome because of its SIP client but what good is it when it takes a techie to know what to do and dig through the settings? so two good things have come out of this iphone phenomenom.. a faster EDGE network and a new standard for wireless devices has been set.