Thursday, July 12, 2007

my last iphone posting!!

I dont know about you all but I've had enough about the damm iphone.. yeah I like it but I wont go back on my word and get it like many that have...two bloggers I follow Jeff & Om grabbed it and they seem happy even though at first they were totally not fans.... but going back to my intial though.. enough is enough.. is there anything else to talk about?the last year has been nothing but iphone rumors..then a week+ ago the hype got huge with the phones..damm loosers waiting in line?! etc, etc..then it was all the "first hand" reviews, complaints or praising the phone its all the applications and the hacks surfacing.. even a guy from JP morgan talking about the iphone nano!!! ok dude you are supposed to be a respected analyst.. even your own pals are putting you down..he went and retracted..damm right he better.. but he got his 2 minutes of fame..bad fame but still..
this is what I told my friends on an email exchange
"I've had enough of the iphone.. seriously its like the bad ex gf that
wont leave you alone.. w\ all her crap people still tell you..awww she
was nice.. how come it didn't work out?? She couldn't send SMS's to more
than one person! ...The iphone set a new standard for what converged phones/smartphones
should be..and what the user interface should be on all phones, however
things like no 3G, no mass SMS / MMS capabilities, video uploading
..this could go on and on.. need to be fixed! ...stay put for 2nd or 3rd generation"

anywho..this is it...Im saying bye bye iphone until you come out with the proper hats off to apple steve..nobody in the history of geeks has been able to do what he has..bring sexiness to something so simple and basic like a cell phone...and while doing it he has brought apple stock up and up to $134 per share over the last 5 years