Thursday, July 12, 2007

social networks are ok but for how long?

social networks were a big topic at the online marketing summit I attended today in tysons corner.. towards the end I couldnt help but think how much longer is this going to last? or is it here to stay? what are they going to evolve into??
I started thinking back some years ago when it was friendster and discussion boards that started it were cool if you had cool people as friends but (much like high school) this didnt last too long..due to a few too many issues everyone moved over to, a site that was originally mainly for promoting music? became the cool thing and left friendster wishing they had fixed their now this guy "tom" became a rock star .. the ability to customize your page to reflect who you were (this was after all your space so why shouldnt you be able to decorate it much like your room?) is what made this new site so cool to get into.. at the same time there was another site but restricted to college kids only brewing like cheap beer..this made facebook even more desired by everyone that was NOT in college.. next thing you know it opens up for everyone to join and their platform as well to developers.. this meant more apps and widgets to keep college kids away from bars..and and now there are talks about an IPO, $6 billion offers from MSN, declined $2 billion offer from yahoo..but even with the buzz this "platform" created it apparently decreased facebook's fame.. its reported that myspace still has better traffic.. what happened? too much going on..the site was simple and it was only for college there is too much and its turning people back to basics.. so where is it going? I see all social networking going mobile.. apps like twitter are the next wave of social networking because of how basic and easy it is..keeping in touch w\ your friends.. you dont need no pics, or html knowledge, all you need is your text messaging..