Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Google Maps version: My location is almost GPS good!

I use google maps for all my direction needs and even though I've almost come to buy a bluetooth GPS for more accuarte directions I havent - mainly because google maps does a great job - the only part thats a pain is inputting where you are if you dont know where you are? the new updated version tackles this with their "my location" feature..its not using GPS its using the information from near mobile towers to approximate your location..its not GPS of course but its pretty dammm close to it.. if you dont have google maps on your phone yet this is a good reason to get it.. I upgraded earlier today and as you can see it pin pointed my location pretty good and was able to zoom in. while I was writing this the app moved my location twice - it send the blue dot to "my location within 1800 meters" when before it was 1400 meters which was the more accurate location -I am guessing this happens when the phone switches towers..

see the video on how it works here and go here to download it