Monday, December 10, 2007

Upgraded my Nokia n800 to OS 2008

this past weekend I upgraded my n800 to run the new OS 2008 -(which runs on the new N810) it had been a while since I had done any but everything went fine and I'm now running os 2008 - while I think the n810 is a nice upgrade from its predecessor I did not see enough reasons to buy one especially when OS 2008 surfaced. Apart from the GPS and QWERTY keyboard that slides out it didnt seem like much of an upgrade on the hardware side - on the software side the UI is very sexy and while there are still some things I would like to see Im happy overall.
Why didnt I just get the n810? was the question I kept getting (since I like having the latest gadgets) GPS? with google maps "my location" I really dont need it -I may still get a bluetooth gps receiver for those times I want 100% accuracy but the more I use gmaps mobile the more Im happy (except for the "avoid highways" option it lacks)
QWERTY? Im a big texter-why I have a nokia E61i rather than an N95 so this was probably the only main reason why I woulve upgraded but at around $200 price difference it was not worth it - come to find out OS 2008 now launches the full QWERTY touchpad on the n800 when you press the square button - this was only launched before by tapping your finger on the screen which did not work for me all the time - this is my new way of typing now but I still use the stylus here and there.
you can find an N800 for as low as $228 at while the n810 is retailling around $500
so my recommendation is if you always wanted an n800 get it now that the price has dropped and/or if you already own one flash it to OS 2008 - follow the easy steps here
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Antonio Bonifati said...

Another reason to upgrade to OS 2008 is a gain of about 70 MHz in CPU speed. See here: