Monday, February 18, 2008

Order your starbucks from your iphone

I saw this concept earlier this month and was wowed by the fact that this isn't out yet or a more formal announcement has been made. The apple-starbucks relationship has been there since the iPhone but now with at&t taking over the wi-fi service at starbucks (previously offered by tmobile)this makes a lot of sense. While its only a concept for now and all I have seen are snapshots of the screenshots it looks like it would only work while on the Wi-Fi spot at your local starbucks which doesn't make much sense. If anything I would want to place an order before I arrive at starbucks, doesn't that make more sense? Either way I think this application would be a sweet deal for all parties involved and make it easier for some of you that own an iPhone. I on the other hand will still have to wait in line and actually exchange words with my local barista as I own a nokia :\ to look at some pretty screenshots head over here