Monday, February 18, 2008

shake n bake? your nokia n95

 shake it but don't bake it..shakeme is a symbian application for the nokia n95 that lets you do all the following things by just shaking the phone:
keylock: lock and unlock keypad by shaking the phone
bluetooth: on/off bluetooth state by shaking the phone
silent: on/off silent profile by shaking the phone 
backlight: switch backlight on by shaking your phone

shakeme is not the only appliction being developed by Samir I was also pretty impreseed by the other apps like shutup(when the phone is ringing you can silent it by flipping over the phone) NokMote (detects movement of the phone to control games very much like the wii remote) and rotateMe (allows you to switch the phone screen from portrait to landscape by turning it) 

I was very impressed by all these apps and cant wait to see them in action!