Friday, July 25, 2008

To become ONE - Symbian and Android OS to merge?

It seems like that is the fate of these two popular open source mobile operating systems. Even though it doesn't make much sense from Nokia's perspective since the Symbian OS has been around for quite some time and is established and successful. Google's Android is still an infant in the eyes of developers. So far developers are the only ones that have gotten to preview Google's Android. I think there is definite benefit for these two in working together as they have been for some time (the Nokia N800/810 tablet comes loaded with Google talk, and Google as the default search engine) but as of today it would benefit android more than Nokia which has the largest share of smartphones in the market. However Google is the popular rich kid who everyone wants to be friends with while Nokia smartphones here in the U.S are still not as cool due to the fact that carriers like AT&T and Tmobile hand pick which Nokia phones they want to carry. So lets just say that not all the cool Nokia phones make it over to the states.