Monday, September 22, 2008

New Phone, New blogs, New Apps: The nokia E71

I finally upgraded to the Nokia E71 and are loving every bit of it. The 3G speeds make such a difference on my email downloads, and web searches. The GPS has come in handy too. The phone also runs a bit smoother and the new layout of the UI and design of the phone are top notch. I have been using the E series phones from the very first one;  E61, E61i and now E71 and can tell you this one is by far the best and will probably keep me happy for a very long time.

As I write this I'm already seeing leaked pics  of an E71? and E75?!   Thats technology for you..always 10 step ahead of your wallet.  From the leaked pics the E75 looks to be getting a slider QWERTY which may make the phone a little thicker.  Luckily for me E71 seems to only be receiving a new color. Since upgrading I'm finding new blogs covering specifically the E71 - here is a list of the few I have come across so far:
These two blogs have been great in finding new themes, and apps like mobbler which is a player for the E71, a music service I have been using for a while on the N800