Wednesday, January 25, 2006


get amped! love the name and look of it! lifestyle targeted mobile service is where is at...a very energized name feels like I just gulped an energy drink.. AMP also happens to be the name of my lifestyle Marketing company and it's sister event promotions agency but no folks this is not my new venture into the mobile operator market so dont even ask for a friends and family plan hookup. But it definately looks like something that I would be behind. I already have a phone but man I could see myself getting one of these too. did i really say that?thats dangerous.. these people know what they are doing targeting the 18-25 year olds with cool looking phones and awesome content (streaming video, music downloads, and pictures of hotties over rented spectrum on Verizon Wireless' high speed EV-DO) . They are an MVNO (Mobile Virtual network operator) meaning they piggiback on a major carrier's network, amped recently launched @ CES this year with $300 million in capital, but definately making moves already such as partnering up with EA sports and creating a good buzz with its edgy advertising and marketing tactics