Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nokia going Eclipse..

Nokia is taking another lead in developing tools for mobile applications based on the eclipse platform, (which is an open source project) by increasing its involvement and becoming a board member and strategic developer. One of its aims will be to extend the Java-based integrated development environment to fully support J2ME (Java 2 Platform). I'm not surprised to see Nokia going after open source platform such as eclipse as there have been a few opting for an open source OS rather than their own propietary OS, Microsoft or Symbian ..Motorola was the first to bring linux to their handset and is expected to release more to the list of devices using this OS ...and its not just been with mobile phones... IP telephones are also running embedded Linux.. I recently posted about the motorola Q having issues with Microsoft mobile which is nothing new..there's a clear movement toward off-the-shelf, third-party operating systems based on industry standards..and why woudlnt there be when it makes total sense to have an unlimitted contribution by developers worldwide... as Pertti Korhonen, Nokia's executive vice president and chief technology officer, said
"By working closely with Eclipse, and proposing a new open-source mobile development tools project, we will provide the more than 2 million registered developers in our Forum Nokia program with complete integrated tool packages optimized for Nokia platforms,"
We always kid around on how open source is great becuase theres always some 13 year old somewhere coding away and making things happen..