Monday, January 23, 2006

Skype talk...

I found out about Jyve reading Jon Arnold's blog and checked it out.. pretty cool stuff.. Jyve is a free commnunity and central meeting place built around and for skype users. I'm not sure how long jyve has been around as I am not a heavy skype user (trying to get friends to move from AIM and onto yahoo, gtalk, skype isnt easy) This is one application I though Ebay would have integrated to their website by now though. Andy also wonders whats going on over there..why Ebay would launch a 800 phone line when they now own skype and it would seem as a logical step to get skype to all those ebayers (there are more than 125 million eBay users worldwide today) . The Iza-Biza service (which reminds me of IBIZA) is provided by newrise the way to "Keep track of eBay auctions on the go!" I think a great idea woulve been for Ebay to integrate this onto their site by now..people are over the 800 un user friendly phone lines that take forever to get your information. maybe ebay didnt know that skype can be used on some smartphones w/ wifi? now thats a true tool for people's mobile lifestyle... if you are a serious ebayer who wants full mobile access to auctions you arent walking around with just a cell phone... you are walking around with a smartphone.. probably wifi enabled..and most likely with Windows mobile 5.0 which results in skype mobile. even if thats not the case with Skype planning on releasing skype mobile for other mobile operating systems and companies like netgear releasing mobiles with skype already installed such as this netgear skype phone ... I dont see why they would do a lame 800 phone line..