Thursday, August 31, 2006


At first I thought this was another dating site with SMS messaging involved because of the logo.. but its not.. however I fell in love with it!.. and I think other bloggers like jeff and jon did too REBTEL (which makes it to my Top 10 companies of the year) allows you to make almost free mobile calls from the country where you live to friends who live abroad, here is how it works : you get a local Rebtel numbers for your global friends, and give your global friends local Rebtel numbers for you.
Then you can call each other as often as you like, for as long as you want, at the cost of a local call plus a $1 weekly service fee for the weeks you use the service....Mino Wireless (another top 10 company of the year) offers something similar which I talked about in May... Im looking fwd to checking it out and talking more to my global friends and family..and while services like skype have been great so far.. there is something here that was missing with skypes and mino wireless of the world....the MOBILITY factor..not being tied down to a laptop or desktop under a hot spot or downloading and setting up a software on your pda/cell phone.. REBTEL is easy, simple, just local numbers to dial..and for that they get two thumbs up