Thursday, March 01, 2007

Presence is hot - jaiku

as my friend Paris Hilton would say... knowing where she is hanging out and what shes doing is very important to me...not! I talked about jaiku and presence last year and they just launched their new beta application @ etel for nokia s60 3rd edition phones (like mine) so Im very excited to test it out because I think presence is a very hot feature that phones should have built in.. regardless of what cell phone you are using , or what service provider you are using.. dream on right? well since service providers are too busy thinking of ways to make more bucks rather than make more usable features - companies like Jaiku help out with this need but only with some supported phones - twitter is also another presence app via text messaging...
so not only does jaiku show your presence but it can also feed flick pictures, blog postings, music video and thing I would love to see incorporated into it is either GPS or GSM location the presence of my friends on a google map would be sweet...
here are a 2 snapshots of jaiku running on my e61