Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm on the News

I was recently interviewed about wireless offerings from cable operators by the associated is one of the articles.. abc news the article got picked 177 times!
as of now cable operators like cox, comcast and others have a partnership with Sprint which I blogged about before offering a quadruple play bundle package (cable, voip, internet and wireless) all from the same cable provider in one bill...
my feeling about the whole topic is that while its cool to get one bill for all of the above it may still not be the best deal..check prices and do the math.. like I said on the article this quadplay through sprint only had 4 cell phones available so that alone will turn people who want a variety of choices off.. as of today I have my wireless through Cingular and tmobile, my VoIP through truphone, my FIOS through Verizon, and cable through Comcast.. so thats my 15 mins of fame.. at least I didnt have to look goofy like I did on last year's radio interview on tele-semana

Here is 3 links of the articles: many more on google news..
The enquirer: Cable v. Phone: gloves are off
KomoTV channel 4 : Cable, telcos compete over wireless